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This community is dedicated to Andy Lee 앤디이, also known as Lee Sun Ho 이선호 , a member of popular South Korean boyband Shinhwa 신화. Andy is also busy with various other solo projects and ventured into acting, hosting and singing. He has released and currently busy promoting his first solo album entitled, "New Dream" and has released a special edition, "Propose". His solo projects are now under his own entertainment company, ND Entertainment while all Shinhwa projects are still under the management of Good Entertainment.

All news, pictures and information about Andy Lee could be found and posted here. Also, members are also encouraged to share their artworks, fanfictions and fan encounters on this site.

Name: Andy Lee 앤디이
Real Name: Lee Sun Ho 이선호
Birth date: 1/21/81 (Real birth date: 12/21/81)
Occupation: Singer, Actor, MC
Blood type: O
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 58 Kg
Debut: 1998 with group Shinhwa (SM Entertainment)

Talents/Hobbies: Piano, basketball, sports, dancing.

Lover's in Prague
Nonstop 4
(MC) SBS Inkigayo
Golden Fishery
X-Man season 2
We Just Married


New Dream

Haegyulsa / T.O.P. / Only One / Hey Come on / Perfect Man / Wedding / Brand New / State of the Art/ Shinhwa 10th Anniversary

Winter Story 2004-2005 / Summer Story 2005 / Winter Story 2005-2006 / Winter Story 2006-2007 / Sun In Our Hearts / Winter Story 2007-2008 / My Choice / 2001 Live Concert

1. Post only Andy related news, information and pictures here. All news regarding Shinhwa could be post in the affiliated Shinhwa livejournal community,shinhwa_daily2. If posting, it is advised to lj-cut entries with long news, large image, fanfictions, or graphics.
3. Respect artists, moderators and members of this community.
4. Don't forget to credit sources.
5. Do not hotlink anything shared in the community unless yours.
6. Try to indtroduce yourself when you join! ;)

ND Entertainment
Good Entertainment

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