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[news] 033009 Andy promises that Shinhwa will never split 
31st-Mar-2009 11:41 pm
shinhwa // 1

Andy, member of Korean supergroup Shinhwa held his first solo fanmeeting in Taiwan, “2009 Lee Sunho The First New Dream in Taipei” at TICC, who filled up about 70% of the venue and contributed to about NT$4.5 million (approx USD132,400) in ticket revenue. He specially performed Shinhwa’s ‘T.O.P’, which was the first song that Shinhwa performed when they made their first trip to Taiwan 9 years ago. Footage from their trip back then was also shown, and Andy said, “Looking at the video puts me in a very nostalgic mood, I wish we could go back to those days. Shinhwa will never disband.”

Andy made his entrance on stage amidst high-decibel screams from the fans and kicked off the fanmeeting with ‘Propose’. He even greeted the fans in Chinese, saying “大家好!我是Andy,我愛妳們!” (Hi everyone, I’m Andy, I love you all!”

When the video with scenes of Shinhwa’s first Taiwan trip played on the screens, the fans seemed to be transported back in time as they exclaimed at the precious footage.

Proteges Jumper make their appearance
Andy recently took on the role of producer to produce for newcomer duo Jumper, and on this day Andy performed the Shinhwa classic ‘T.O.P’ with them, which brought the atmosphere to a climax, and fans cheered just as loudly for the newcomers. After some games with the fans, Andy ended his fanmeeting on a perfect note with ‘Love Song’.

source: Apple Daily
translated by: midnightgirl13 @ absolutshinhwa


[032909] Andy in Taiwan: Consolidated news

Andy, member of Korean supergroup Shinhwa, arrived in Taiwan yesterday, and at the press conference he expressed his regrets that Shinhwa is unable to come to Taiwan together due to army enlistment. He said he hopes to come to Taiwan again for a concert when Shinhwa reunites.

When asked about how he copes with stress, given the recent spate of celebrity suicides, Andy said, “Celebrities can only show their good sides on stage, and we’ll have to bear with any unhappiness, which eventually accumulates into a lot of stress. That’s why many fall into depression. For the past 9 years I’ve been lucky to have the other Shinhwa members by my side, so I haven’t been alone. We meet up once a week, or about 2/3 times a month for drinks. A few days ago on 24th March, it was our 11th anniversary, and we met up before that for a small celebration.”

On his way to the hotel, he passed by the Taipei 101 building and exclaimed at its height. Despite his fear of heights, he expressed that he would like to take in the view of Taipei from the top of the building.

Andy was also voted as the best son-in-law in Korea not too long ago. He said wistfully that though he’s happy about that, he wonders when he will be getting married.

Andy will be holding a mini-concert at TICC at 7pm tonight, and his proteges Jumper will also be making an appearance.

Source: Liberty Times + Apple Daily + China Times
Trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

That made me smile really. Knowing that they celebrated their 11th. <3  
14th-Apr-2011 08:57 am (UTC) - Hoping to make a contribution
Hi - I am definitely happy to find this. cool job!
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