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25th-Nov-2008 10:15 pm - [pics] Official Musical Goods
shinhwa // andy
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credits to ndenter + Shinhwachangjo.net

shinhwa // lb 1

This is~~
The place that I spend all my time at other than sleeping at home. So that I'm not late for my daily rehearsals at 11am, I've been waking up regularly at 8am ^^ Hehehe
10pm at night...Although the rehearsal has ended...and everyone is all tired...but strangely everyone's fighting spirit becomes stronger.
Maybe.... it's the energy created from running about, singing and chatting at the same time... it seems to be that way... ^^

Everyone must be curious to how it will be like this time? I'm working very hard right now, so do look forward to it~

Source: ND Entertainment
Chi trans: 韩小国 @ Bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz
15th-Oct-2008 01:15 pm(no subject)
Korea Festival 2008 in Singapore

the community for the kpop concert in singapore.
(2pm, andy, chae yeon, jewelry, junjin, kim jongwook, peter, u-kiss, v.o.s, wonder girls)
posted with permission from leechunsa

shinhwa // wandy
With the image of a doting husband from MBC's We Got Married still fresh in viewers' minds, Andy has shared his thoughts about his onscreen ex-wife, Solbi.

On the 14th Oct episode of cable programme O'live Show, Andy was asked if he decided to leave We Got Married because he developed real feelings for Solbi through the show. He replied, "When you spend 12-17 hours together every week recording the show, you will inevitably be attracted in some way even after recording is over. From the start I controlled myself, telling myself that I cannot fall in love with her, eventually I started to see her as my younger sister."

After that, Andy was asked if he had any cosmetic surgery done before in his 10 years with Shinhwa. He said, "I have Mr Lee Soo Man to thank for this. During our training period, I always felt inferior about my single eyelids and I wanted to get a double eyelid procedure done. But then Mr Lee Soo Man told me that he selected me precisely for my single eyelids, so I changed my mind. Thanks to the fact that I didn't have surgery done, that's how I retained my own unique charm."

Andy also shared his interest in cooking, which started when the Shinhwa members were living together in the dormitory. After that when he saw his mother cooking, he would jot down the ingredients and preparation methods. Lovingly introducing his parents in a unique manner, "My mother is a Korean food expert, and my father is a Western food expert."

Source: my daily
Chi trans: yujin@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz
28th-Sep-2008 07:30 pm - [Ad] France Kiss
leesunho // someday
So I haven't been posting for CENTURIES, but ZOMG, this brings me back, these are awesome. YUS. I bring you the death of me. AHH. ANDY. WAH.


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shinhwa // andy

2008 Miss Korea expressed frankly "My favourite Shinhwa member is Andy".

During the recording of "Star Golden Bell" that will be telecasted on KBS 2TV on the 27th, Miss Korea winner, Na Re, first runner up winner, Kim Min-jung and second runner up winner, Seo Seol-hee expressed frankly, "Favourite members in Shinhwa is Andy and Kim Dongwan".

2008 Miss Korea winner, Na Re's first favourite member in Shinhwa is Andy and second is Eric, first runner up winner, Kim Min-jung expressed that her first choice is still Andy and second will be Junjin. All these let many feel the recent popularity of Andy.

In addition, Miss Korea, second runner up winner, Seo Seol-hee said, "I used to be the trump card of Shinhwa fan." "Although I used to like JunJin a lot however recently I am liking Kim Dongwan."

And in regards to Shin Hyesung who also appears in the show uses a smile to cover the humiliation of zero vote.

Credits: hyesungstory@Shinhwa.biz (English translation) + susan427@bestshinhwa (Chinese translation) + NEWSEN (source)
K-Pocky will statisfy you with ay of your Kpop desires not only through ordering of cds, dvd etc but also bringing you Shinhwa merchandise, the next one to come is are...
Dongwan & Andy
( take note that the deadline for last order is
21st September 2008, 12 noon)

Dongwan Autumn Promise Goods!!!

001. DW Sunflower T - Price: SGD60.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

002. DW 26 months Calendar - Price: SGD46.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

003. DW Frangrance - Price: SGD75.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

004. DW Flower Necklace - Price: SGD80.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

005. DW Letterpaper Set - Price: SGD18.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

006. DW Poster Set - Price: SGD24.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

007. DW Fanlight - Price: SGD18.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

008. DW Mini Towel Set - Price: SGD30.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

009. DW Small Photopaper Set - Price: SGD24.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

010. DW Promise Flowerpot - Price: SGD 18.00 (SG Meetup) -- PIC 1

Andy Propose Goods!!!

001. Andy Light Pen - Price: SGD12.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

002. 2008 ND Photo Story Book - Price: SGD58.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

003. Andy PP Folder Set - Price: SGD25.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

004. Andy Book Set - Price: SGD56.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

005. Andy Perfume - Andy Propose - Price: SGD75.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

006. Andy Love Song Set - Price: SGD24.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

007. Andy Love Set - Price: SGD20.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

008. Happy 2008 with Andy - Price: SGD18.00 (SG Meetup) - PIC 1

o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-(Images credited: evenif)-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o

Any queries, pls feel free to email to hyesungstory@gmail[dot]com or leave a reply here.

Mode of payment: Bank transfer / Western Union / Paypal

Interested, pls leave a reply, with the following details, in this thread

name of album/albums (or merchandise):
mode of payment:
mode of collection:
PS: If you choose international shipping, please state the country that you want it to be ship to.

1) Once order confirmed, no backing out is allowed.
2) We ship overseas, cost of shipping to be advised upon confirmation of order.
3) We are NOT ACCOUNTABLE for any lost mail.
4) We do not guarantee the availability of posters.
shinhwa // andy
Andy and Solbi will leave MBC's We Got Married after 7 months on the show.

A producer of the show said on Sept 12 that the Andy-Solbi couple will conclude their stint on the show with the recording session on Sept 12.

Andy and Solbi have been playing a married couple on We Got Married from the start of its run in mid-March, and will be bidding farewell to the show after 7 months. Their last episode will be aired at the end of this month.

The Andy-Solbi couple have been the subject of much discussion for their sweet and loving ways on the show.

After leaving the show, Andy will focus on his next 2 concerts in Daegu and Busan, after having held his Seoul concert on 6/7 Sept.

As a member of mixed group Typhoon, Solbi will also be releasing her solo album and commence her promotional activities.

On the other hand, We Got Married will be airing their 2-part Chuseok special on 14 Sept. Part 1 features new couples Choi Jin Young & Lee Hyun Ji, Marcos & Son Dambi, and Hwan Hee & Hwayobi. These 3 couples are tentatively scheduled to appear only for the Chuseok special.

Part 2 will see the original 4 couples - Andy/Solbi, Alex/Shin Ae, Crown J/Seo In Young and Hwang Bo/Kim Hyun Joong - battled it out through quizzes and games.

Chi trans: yujin@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz
shinhwa // andy
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The heart warming Olympics...on the hot summer day the theatre was filled for the musical...it's all over now~~ Today I have bittersweet feelings..like something is missing..like I long for it. However, as it has ended, for all those who have been there and supporting the Polariod musical. I can not forget you all~~~ All the actors and actresses who were part of the show as well as you who were with me throughout it made many precious memories for me^^ Do you remember? This bag..it's a memory, tooㅋㅋ Now, I will concentrate on getting ready for the concerts to make new memories~~I will work hard to prepare (for them)~~!!!

source: ND Entertainment & oceans-six.com
translator: HappyHeart7@shinhwa.biz
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