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[news] 090325 Andy: I miss Shinhwa when I see Jumper 
26th-Mar-2009 04:00 pm
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Jumper, whose producer is Andy, said “Our captain is very scary.”

When we suggested that they talk about Andy (Lee Sun Ho, 28), the newcomer male duo Jumper (made up of 21-year-old Park Dong Min and 18-year-old Rocky) hesitate, but just like the new generation, they said what had to be said.

“Captain Andy is very shy, if only he could talk more to us. If he just stays there quietly it seems like he’s angry.”
(Park Dong Min, rapper)

“He’s kind to us like he is to others too… He would correct our mistakes, but he’s most scary when he’s indifferent towards us.”
(Rocky, main vocalist)

But producer Andy who was together with Jumper at the interview simply burst out into laughter.

When Andy looked at Jumper’s debut performance of their digital single ‘Yes!’, he thought, “I’m even more nervous about them than myself going on stage.” He explained earnestly, “Although it was similar to what he had imagined, but they still need more of what we call “camera massage”. [I should think he's referring to searching for their best angles on camera] They still have much to improve on.”

Andy isn’t stingy with his advice for the two members. He had told them, in an environment where there are so many newcomers, and with only one performance, and they would regret it if they failed to impress. Moreover, he even gave them video cameras so that they could monitor and review their performances so that they can work on improving themselves, and also advised them on finding their best angles on television. This was a great encouragement to Rocky and Park Dong Min, who had been training for 4 years and 2 years respectively.

The two members then talked about their first impression of Andy.

“Captain entered the office after pressing the doorbell, and I was shocked. After greeting him, a lot of thoughts came into my mind. It was amazing yet surreal to have someone I always see on TV standing right in front of me.”
(Park Dong Min)

“Captain is part of Shinhwa, a representative group in the world of K-pop, after all. With him being our producer, it’s really like our big break has arrived. Although I got chased away after trying to do some vocal exercise by shouting at the field at a nearby high school, but after taking Captain’s advice I can control my breathing now.”

Andy said, “Park Dong Min came onboard after Rocky did. After many discussions we realised that there is a void of male duos after Deux, Untitle and Clon. Thus we decided to combine a powerful idol image with a sophisticated music style.”

Rocky laughed as he explained a little more about their debut song.”‘Yes!’ is a song that you should hear at clubs. When we did the recording with songwriter Kwon Tae Eun, he already had an idea of how I should perform the song. He said that I needed to have the feeling of someone who chews gum, shakes his legs and spits, and he explained to me what is ‘enjoying the music’.”

Andy said that the duo reminded him of the early days of Shinhwa. “Lee Soo Man-sonsaengnim made me sing and dance in a park in the US for him, and he eventually picked me and gave me a chance to be a singer. It’s been 11 years now. It was the most fun when all the Shinhwa members were living together, and lately I’ve been thinking about and missing those dormitory days. I’ll be enlisting for military service early next year, and we’ll all get back together for our next album when we’re all done with the army.”

Andy stressed, “I had many ideas that came into my head, and it would be a pity if they weren’t used, so I decided to go into production instead. I just want to be recognized as a producer. When I released my first solo album, I had many malicious comments such as “What’s ‘Andy’s solo album’?”. This time round, there have been comments like, “Just stick to doing your own activities”.

“I’m glad to be able to give Jumper the opportunity to stand on the stage that they so badly want to be on. I won’t be discouraged, and I will be more ambitious.”

Source: Yonhap News
Chi trans: 草木番茄@andy4ever
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com

26th-Mar-2009 03:37 pm (UTC)
Andy reminds me of my boss... well, according to Jumper. HAHAHA. OMG.
Captain Andy, way to go~ Hahaha. I wish he'd show more emotion, I know it's very hard to work with a person who's all silent at one corner. My boss is like that all the time and it pisses me off. Haha. Oh well.

And may I say how glad I am that Andy is entering the army next year?! Only means one thing! SHINHWA REUNION IS NEAR!!!!!!! ♥ Thank you DYDY! :D

Also, Andy don't mind them people who would like to put you down, we know how awesome you are, continue! :D

Thanks Best! :D
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