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8th-Mar-2009 12:36 am
leesunho // someday
Hello Everyone,

I'm not sure if you guys have seen the thing going around in LJ about some hacking and virus spreading through LJ. Anyway, it's better we have this here than regret later on. So read on everyone!

There have been some people who've been hacking into mod journals and then posting entries in the communities saying that they will be closing the communities and then transferring to another site. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO KIWI MADNESS ALRIGHT? It's either we close down, or not at all. So don't do anything once you see the message.

It goes something like this: 
"Dear friends, I, as the maintainer of the community, have to inform you that, due to the recent tragic events, I've decide to stop using LJ as a platform for my community (and to remove everything that was posted here before). From now on, all new materials should be posted to the new community I've recently created, as for old posts, you will be able to find them there"
There will be links to an outside site in the entry, I FIRMLY SUGGEST, NEVER CLICK ON IT! If you have done so, then do a virus check immediately, to prevent further damage.

For more information on this, go here.
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