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[news] 112708 Andy: The more I take part in musicals, the more I want to excel 
28th-Nov-2008 11:56 pm
shinhwa // minwoo 2
Andy has taken to the musical stage for the 3rd time with Singles.

"At first I was just thinking of how to go about doing musicals, but the more musicals I take part in, the more I want to excel at it."

Andy added, "During my first performance, my heart was beating especially fast, but after repeated interactions with the world of musicals, I've overcome that fear."

"Back then, I was too busy having to act and sing at the same time, but now I can see the expressions of the audience and what they're saying."

The musical version of Singles made its stage debut last year with singers Lee Hyun Woo and Son Ho Young taking on the role of Soo Hyun prior to Andy. Andy said, "The earlier performances of Singles were really great. I'm feeling the pressure now, and I'm worried about whether I can pull off the role. That's why I've done research in many areas, and I've also asked for advice from the other cast members. I hope to let everyone see my own style."

Source: NAVER
Chi trans: 淼儿@bestshinhwa
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz
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